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Rashmi Cabs was established in 1990 under the ownership of Rahul Gandhi, Rashmi Cabs is one of the top premium one way taxi service providers in Bhavnagar. In India, we believe in “અતિથિ દેવોભવ” which means A guest is equal to God.

Delivering our customers the best premium one way cab service in Bhavnagar by conveying to you a wide selection of Premium and Luxury taxis is our main motive. We offer you to choose all those best brands which are known for their luxurious features and convenience, RASHMI CABS provides the best car rental service and one way cab booking service combined in one, just for you.

Gujarat: The land of legends and lions is one of the most amazing destinations and is recognized for its beaches, temple towns, and historic capitals. Wildlife sanctuaries, hill resorts, and natural gloriousness are inheritances of Gujarat. Sculpture, handicrafts, arts, and festivals also make the state prosperous.

The Gujaratis are very friendly and are always keen to embrace a large number of foreign and domestic travellers, Rashmi Cabs is always at your service to take you all around Gujarat.

One Way Cab Service

Many times we come to a situation in our life when we have to reach somewhere very urgently and booking a train or a bus and waiting for it can be very hectic. In these kinds of situations, most people either cancel their plans or opt for a one way cab.

Travelling by bus is very expensive as well as time-consuming and travelling by train is less expensive but if you are in an emergency then waiting for your train booking is not your favourite choice, one way taxi service can be your travel buddy and pocket friendly one way cab service can be the best choice for the ones who are looking for comfy door-to-door travel.

At Rashmi Cabs you will get premium one way taxi service which includes the sedan taxis as well as the SUV taxis making them suitable for executive, economy and luxury purposes. Rashmi cabs is one of the best one way cab booking providers in Gujarat, You can book one way cab in Bhavnagar, one way cab in Ahmedabad, one way cab in Rajkot, one way cab in Vadodara, one way cab in Anand and in all other different major cities of Gujarat.

Car Rental Service

Travelling to amazing vacation spots with friends and family is every person's dream, but when it comes to booking the transportation tickets the actual challenge starts.The most common issue in booking a ticket for the bus or the train is not getting all the seats together. Having fun with our loved ones throughout the journey doubles our excitement and happiness.

The only solution to this situation is car rental service, a car hire you can enjoy the journey. If there are more than 4 family members then a car rental service which includes a very wide range of SUV cars can be your best choice. As the cost of cab booking is splitted between everyone.

We have not limited our boundaries of facilitating our passengers till car rental service in Bhavnagar, we offer Car rental service in Ahmedabad and also offer the car rental services in Rajkot.

Taxi Booking Service

India's public transportation is always overcrowded and lacks comforts making it unsuitable for travellers. If you want indulgence in your journey from one place to another, you need a Taxi Service to Book a taxi online is the best option. You can choose a taxi booking service and organise your journey according to your desired time.

At Rashmi Cabs, you are guaranteed professional taxi booking service in Gujarat. We offer economy class, executive class cabs equipped with premium features for optimal customer comfort. You can book a one way taxi online on our portal and schedule your trip according to your convenience.

We have upgraded our every level to give the best Taxi service in Bhavnagar, Taxi service in Ahmedabad, Taxi service in Rajkot as well as Taxi services in Vadodara. Bon Voyage! Adventure Lovers…